Steele-Perkins Tel: 07581 549790
Steele-Perkins Tel: 07581 549790
Photographic Services and Content Creation

Establish what your brand is all about, its purpose, core values, and mission. Offer your customers more than just a product or service, but rather a visual brand story that transcends mundane reality

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Who I work with: 


What I do:

Visual content creation from printed advertising content to social media campaign management. Specialist in recipe development and food photography. CMS management and website management. Immersive VR and Google maps hosted 360 content.


What you can expect 

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Social Media Management and Campaign post scheduling. Content creation that is fresh and on topic and season.   


Barber's Farmhouse Cheese Makers 


Working in house has enable a more detailed understanding of the marketing strategy for the one of oldest and largest farmhouse cheese makers in the county. Creating content for social media channels to engage foodies, chefs and consumers with the ethos and provenance of Barber's. Alongside social media channels the website management has also been managed by Steele-Perkins. Recipes have been developed and uploaded as a resource to show that Barber's cheddar is key a ingredient to fabulous dishes. All of the images below have been made, styled and photographed by Steele-Perkins. 


The Barbers were making cheese on their family farm before Queen Victoria took the throne. Nearly 200 years later, the family are still here, in the heart of the West Country, milking cows and producing award-winning, traditional cheddar. Six generations later and the Barbers are still on the same farm — now the oldest surviving cheddar-makers in the world. It’s still very much a family affair, with cousins Anthony, Chris, Charlie and Giles running the business today. To make the best cheese, Barber's need the best West Country milk. Barber's dairy cows graze the lush pastures of Somerset and Dorset to produce rich, creamy milk that is transformed into PDO-accredited cheddar. 

The rich heritage and the combination of being a world class producer and global brand yet still a farm has enabld a truly rich, honest and engaging story to be told by following the daily life of the farm and seeing the cheddar presented in  fabulous recipes offering the consumer to have an insight in to the core of the business. This approach has seen engagement increase and follower growth continue. 

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Food and Beverage Content Creation 

Alongside our larger clients we provide content for smaller catering companies and food producers, below is a small selection of images from some of these clients. 


The woodsman's Treehouse 


The content we created for Guy Mallinson of the Woodsman's Treehouse has been featured in The Times, Vogue, Harpers Bazar, GQ, The Independent, Financial Times and on the RIBA website.

Alongside the final interior shots, Steele-Perkins documented the build and supplied seasonal shots for marketing and Social Media usage. The project length was several months.  








Meet the team shoot for Ford Farm. 



Content for Web and Print client details to follow 


A mix of portraits and interiors for website and printed media. 



Interiors. Private Client 





Carpenter Oak


Kemtile industrial flooring specialists